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  • Coffeelovers

    Coffeelovers from Maastricht uses the dit.HRM application.
  • BunderBrau

    webshop, counter and ERP
  • Philamunt

    Online sales and auctions of coins and poststamps
  • Fred Rompelberg

    Travel bookingsystem with full business management
  • JFV Ouranos

    Membership management, eventmanagement, paymentsystem
Friends and users

Using dit.cms activily means for many of our users that an intensive relationship is developed with our supportteam. We tried to understand what our users are facing in the actual daily routine and how we can be of assistance. Our helpdesk is always ready to help our customers or their customers so unclarities can be eliminated as quickly as possible.

How we work?

  • No multiple telephone choises before you speak to us
  • We know you by name
  • You know us by name
  • We know your situation
  • We have time