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  • dit.WEBSHOP

    Webshop, Auction, App, social media, backoffice. Complete webshop solution
  • dit.COUNTER

    Touchscreen Counter
  • dit.ERP

    Webshop and ERP application for RETAIL and WAREHOUSES
  • dit.HRM

    Employment management for HOSPITALITY and LEISURE INDUSTRY
  • dit.CLUB

    Website, webshop, eventcalendar en membermanagement
  • dit.CMS

    dit.cms, the basic content management system can be used for any desired website
Friendly websites
cms voorbeeld exampleDoing business in today's world, means doing business on the internet. Weather you earn 2 or 100% of your income online. The digital world is evolving rapidly as will be your income. If you do nothing, you can be sure your customers will change quicker than your company. Stay ahead and win more customers. So choose to have an up-to-date website content management system with expandability and sublime backoffice functionality.
Content management is easy

Be active. On your website, your blog, facebook, twitter, your webshop etc. For this choose effective tools. The new content management approach of dit.cms can do this with you. Easy, quickly and effectively. And proven for the applications we are discussing on this website. The key focus of dit.cms is:

  • e-commerce
  • human resource management (HRM)
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • electronic resource planning (ERP)
  • Picking, sales an counter-apps for Windows 8, Iphone and Android.

With the right application, your content management will be easy.


Any knowledge can be measured. What do you know about your online revenues? What do you know about the behaviour of your customers? Do you know how your website is used and seen? Do you know which devices are mostly used to see your website, webshop and e-mails? Customer behaviour changes, also the changes of those who do order with you online, is best to be measured. How do you react to all this, can you keep track? Businesslogic on the internet answers to faster changeing rules as anywhere else. Are you going to try and grow alongside or even grow faster? 

Reconsider your businessapproach in sales, distribution, logistics, marketing and financial reporting and organize your business in a way that you can react quickly to any new development.

On this website you find information about the answer to this: dit.cms